Monday, June 30, 2014

Video - Ketchup - Coco Banana ft Banky W

New Music: Hyperdandy - Kondo

Brand new music from Hyperdandy, titled Kondo, produced by Spells. Listen below and read more about the artist after the cut...

Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Video: ES Plus - Yekelemo

Watch New Video: Seyi Sodimu - Pele Pele

Seyi Sodimu, the Nigerian born International artiste now based in Nigeria, has released the video to his new single, Pele Pele, which uses the chorus from Ebenezer Obey’s ore mi se pele pele. Seyi, who is one of the pioneers of the new Nigerian music sound, has been absent from the music scene for a while to pursue other business ventures. His last single Gbedu was released 2 years ago.

Vide: Indigenous rapper Ikpa Udo releases brand new video

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Listen to new music : Tonto Dikeh ft D'banj - Suga Rush (full version)

Listen to the full version of Tonto Dikeh's new single Suga Rush ft D'banj and produced by DeeVee. Enjoy below...

#15 of Top 15 International Celebrities Who's got A Heart Of Gold

Bradley Cooper

While filming Silver Lining’s Playbook in Philadelphia, Bradley Cooper bought hundreds of winter coats for the homeless and personally, handed them out. When a homeless man complimented the coat Bradley was wearing, Cooper took the coat off his back and gave it to the man.


#14 of Top 15 International Celebrities Who's got A Heart Of Gold

John Cena
Pro wrestler, John Cena holds the record for the most wishes granted by a single individual for the Make-A-Wish foundation. John, who has granted over 450 wishes stated, “I can think of no greater honor than someone who can have any wish they want in the world, yet they choose to spend their time with me. I will continue to grant wishes as long as there are children who request me.”


#13 of Top 15 International Celebrities Who's got A Heart Of Gold

Colin Farrell

While filming The Recruit in Toronto, a radio station ran a contest that they would give $1000 to whoever got Colin Farrell to show up at the radio station. This contest upset Colin, because he thought it was an invasion of his privacy. However, the actor decided to make a deal with a homeless man named, Dave, allowing him to bring Colin to the station and that Dave could keep the $1000. Years later, Colin came back to Toronto and found Dave. He took him shopping, out to eat and gave him enough money for an apartment and food. Dave ended up turning his life around.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Watch Brand new video: Saeon ft Wizkid - Boogie Down

Baseline Music is proud presenting the music video for "Boogie Down”… introducing the R'nB'-Afrobeat-Pop fusion princess and singer, Saeon, and featuring Wizkid. Boogie Down which was released by DJ Neptune under MTN's Valentines Day Mixtape in February 2014 was produced by Maleek Berry, and the video was shot in Lagos, directed by Sesan Ogunro and produced by Fade Ogunro for Film Factory Productions. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Listen to New Music: TKinzy - Wozaza

With what is set to be one of Nigeria and South Africa's biggest hit this summer, Lagos-born Afro Pop singer Tkinzy signed to Gallo Record Company SA, releases his debut single "Wozaza" featuring AB Crazy, the magic voice behind the Rands and Naira chorus. “Wozaza” is a Nigerian High Life genre mixed track with AB Crazy’s Hip-Hop flavor. Enjoy below...

Video: Lamili - Wanna Love You

Lamili's video for Wanna Love You by is out! She stuns in this visual excellence directed by Prodigy, and features Super runway male model “Kelvin Godson” (who plays the role of the lover). 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watch Brand new video: X2Seven - Konga

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

VIDEO: DJ Hazan ft. Patoranking – Early MoMo

Here’s the video to the previously posted banger. Early MoMo by DJ hazan featuring Dance-hall rave of the moment, Patoranking. Sweet tune, Nice video, watch below and let us know what you think.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tonto Dikeh drops single Suga Rush ft D'banj

Listen to it bellow.

#5 of 5 Innovations you will not Believe are coming out of Africa, Produced by Africans.

Saphonian Zero-Blade Wind Convertor
The Saphonian is a bladeless wind turbine that leverages on sailboat technology to produce energy by harnessing wind through a sail that follows a non-rotational back-and-forth 3D motion.
The Saphonian was created by Saphon Energy, a Tunisian start up founded by Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini.

Brand new video: Saeon ft Wizkid - Boogie Down

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Chidinma: #5 of 5 Nigeria’s Famous Female Singers

Petite, charming and stunning, Chidinma has shown that small can be sexy too. A songbird, Chidinma quest for success led her into the church choir. There, she waited for her moment. It came. MTN Project Fame in 2010 was all she needed.  She emerged from the singing competition with the ultimate prize. She has since grown in bounds. She may be enjoying the spotlight, but that has come with a lot of hard work.

Single Premiere: Harmony - Chocolate (Produced by Popito)

Young, electrifying and talented Nigerian diva Harmony teams up with celebrated producer Popito known from his works with Solidstar and Timaya to deliver this excellent afro-pop ear candy titled "Chocolate".Listen and enjoy below...

#30 OYO STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings

It was named after the Old Oyo Empire, one of the strongest in Africa. Now a much smaller kingdom, Oyo is headed by the Alaafin (the Owner of the Palace). Old Oyo was known as Katunga and is now a tiny location along the Kwara-Oyo border (a nice place for historical excursion if you ask me). The exact meaning of Oyo itself is shrouded in so much controversy, some accounts even suggest that the name was a foreign word imposed by the Nupe warrior king, Tsoede, when he conquered the Old Oyo Empire. And that’s where it gets murky.

#29 OSUN STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings


The state was named after the River Oshun (or Osun), believed and worshipped by many as the manifestation of Oshun, one of the wives of Sango, the Yoruba god of thunder. There is annual Osun Osogbo Festival in honour of the goddess. It draws many from all over the globe and is usually quite colourful. The river itself drains into the Lagos Lagoon and the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean).

28. ONDO STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings

The state was named for the Old Ondo Kingdom. The people inhabiting the area were referred to as the Ondo meaning ‘the settlers’. (Kingdoms of the Yoruba by Robert Sydney Smith. P.52, see other references below or on the website).

#27 OGUN STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings

The state of MKO Abiola, Baba Iyabo, General Diya, Professor Wole Soyinka, General Donaldson Oladipupo Diya, Mike Adenuga (rtd), Fela, Tai Solarin, Obafemi Awolowo, Ernest Shonekan, Lateef Adegbite, Prince Bola (Bolasodun Adesumbo) Ajibola and many others is named after the Ogun River. The river courses through the state in a north-south direction before emptying into the Lagos Lagoon and it can be troublesome with its flooding. Among the Yorubas, Yemoja is the mother goddess of women (especially pregnant ones) and of the River Ogun. (Yemoja =Yeye Omo Eja, Mother of Fish-Like Offspring). For some, the river is still worshipped.

#26 NIGER STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings


The largest of all the 36 in terms of area, the state was named after the River Niger, one of the longest in Africa. Called the nahr-al-anhur or the River of Rivers by the Arabs, the local Tuaregs would later modify the name to become ngereoun meaning the ‘big river’. When the Arab explorer, Leo Africanus wrote, he noted it in 1526 as ‘Niger’ which meant ‘black’ in Latin, like to mean ‘River of the Blacks’. (I hear you o! Exactly what is going on in your mind! LOL!) Especially when you know the meaning of Nigeria….lmao!

#25 NASARAWA (NASSARAWA) STATE: The 36 States Of Nigeria And Their Meanings


There is an interesting story here. The founder of the old Nasarawa Kingdom, Makama Dogo had to form his kingdom before the river because doing so beyond the river would mean all his children would turn pagans. Thus, he cited the kingdom before the river and declared victory (Nasara is the Hausa word for victory) and then named the area ‘Nasarawa’ meaning the ‘Victorious’. Please note: that Nasara (derived from Arabic) is also Hausa word for ‘Christian’ or ‘white man’ but that does not apply in this context. A very interesting dimension to the origin of the word ‘nasara’ is that it came originally from the Greek word ‘Nazaraios’ which meant ‘the man from Nazareth’. Later on, ‘Nazarene’ was the term used to describe the early Christians. This is a direct correlation to the fact that Christ Jesus came from Nazareth, thus the name for his followers.